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Chaweng Beach


About Chaweng Beach

North end of Chaweng Beach

Chaweng provides everything within a short distance. A choice of restaurants, a great beach, some interesting shops, and a the best nightlife in Samui. During the day, life revolves around the beach. You can relax, walk to the nearest offshore island at low tide, go canoeing, go sailing, have a Thai massage or a pedicure, eat a wonderful lunch overlooking the beach, or simply snack on your beach mat with some fried chicken. It's relaxing and friendly, which attracts families, singles and couples year after year.

Although rapidly developing with the old rustic charm of a few years ago replaced with McDonalds, Boots (the Chemists) Starbucks and the like, Chaweng still retains its local flavour. Lots of excellent restaurants, small shops to browse, and of course, seven kilometres of white sand beach.

Many hotels are located directly on the beach, along with restaurants and small bars, some independent, some attached to the hotels. So once you've settled in your spot, you don't have to walk very far to eat or drink. If you really don't want to move, there are vendors serving fruit, fried chicken, ice cream and drinks. You can also buy your sarong, and souvenirs! Although it gets busy during the high season especially in August, along this long sandy beach, there's room for everyone. The water is clean, with average temperatures between 25-28 degrees Celsius.....

Can this be real? Could it be you?

Just offshore from the beach is a reef and a some small islands close by. The nearest one can easily be accessed by walking through the shallow water. The second island, further out and larger, provides the perfect venue for snorkeling and kayaking. Bring shoes if you plan to walk around the islands, as they are made of sharp coral sands.



Where to stay

From cheap to luxurious hotels

Chaweng has a wide range of accommodation from basic bungalows to luxury resorts. Many of the hotels are located literally on the beach, with no roads to cross, so you can step out of your room and have breakfast by the sea. Most other accommodation is situated within easy walking distance of the of the beach.

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Daytime activities

Many watersports are available

Kayak rentals can be found in front of many hotels at reasonable rates. Paddle to the islands near the reef with or without a guide, and don't forget your snorkeling gear.

Windsurfing and Sailing in catamarans is also on offer. The wind is at its best from December to February. Chaweng is an excellent place for beginners as the bay is quite shallow and you can always just walk back to the beach. Lessons are available for around 800B per hour. For advanced windsurfers, it's better outside the reef and in the early morning when the winds are stronger.

If you really want to relax, why not treat yourself to a Thai massage which can be found almost everywhere on the beach, under a shady tree, or in a little open air wooden pavilion. Also on offer are manicures, pedicures, hair braiding and other body treatments which will leave you both relaxed and refreshed.


Green Mango nightspots

Chaweng has the best in Samui. The main entertainment area can be found around in the centre of town around the Green Mango disco, which draws partygoers every night with its excellent DJ's and live bands. Outside are lots of smaller outdoor bars, offering an alternative scene to the Green Mango.

Chaweng also has a number of smaller bars and music clubs where you can chill out to jazz, rock and reggae. The well-known Reggae Pub, established more than 14 years ago, is still popular, especially after midnight. New government regulations for all venues have not managed to dampen the party atmosphere, despite 2am closing. For more nightlife details, click on here.

Chaweng has lots of Songtaews, which run regularly through the night. These converted pickups are very cheap and an excellent way to travel to your hotel after a night's partying. Much better than a motorbike....


Thai silk shop on main road

Travel and tour offices can be found all along the main street, as well as Internet cafes. There are plenty of vendors selling everything from imitation sunglasses to watches and Louis Vuttion (as spelled on the bags). Many CDs, DVDs and video games can be found at amazingly cheap prices, but be aware that some movies are actually shot with a standard video camera directly in the cinema, don't be surprised if you see the silhouettes of the audience at the bottom of the screen

Chaweng also has some very trendy handicraft and fashion boutiques, with new shops opening all the time. A 3 storey shop on the south end of Chaweng has all the Thai handicrafts you could wish for, but it can be more expensive than smaller shops.

As everywhere in Thailand, Tailor shops are flourishing absolutely everywhere, mainly run by the local Indian community. Armani suit or a Chanel dress? Made in 24 Hours. Results vary. You'll get better results if you take an original item to copy which will usually be fine. Tailored items seem to come out better than more fluid designs, so choose your style and material carefully. Better expect 48 hours and don't hesitate to ask for adjustments (and discount) if not satisfied with the first result.

Eating Out

Specialty of Samui:
Tom Yam Cha Muan

Chaweng offers a tantalizing variety of local specialties and continental menus. Most of the hotels serve a wide selection of local dishes, some of them while sitting in your own pavilion directly on the beach with a relaxing view of the bay. Unless you specifically ask for your dish to be spicy, most restaurants will serve your food milder than the locals prefer it.

Probably one of the most unique features of Koh Samui evenings, is the dinner right on the beach, bordered by the quiet waters of the lagoon. Many bars have cushions with mats to end the evening with a romantic cocktail... but don't forget mosquito repellent.

Dining right on the beach!

On both sides of the main street there's a huge choice of restaurants. Samui Seafood offers a menu featuring delicacies from the sea in an original setting, reclined on cushions Thai-style, for a real tropical feeling. Excellent Italian dinners await you at Juzz'a Pizza in the Green Mango Square. And of course, if you feel a need for western fast food there's always Burger King and Pizza Hut.

Some Recommended Restaurants:

  • Budsaba - Thai and Asian cuisine - Muang Kulay Pan Hotel, Chaweng north end- 077 422 305
  • The Islander - Good International and Thai food at reasonable prices
  • Andaluz - Tapas Bar with authentic food. Run by the same folks as Budsaba
  • Poppies - Beach dining at its best.
  • Juzz'a Pizza - Italian specialties - Green Mango Square - A must try!
  • Betelnut - California/Thai fusion - south part of Chaweng - 077 413 370
  • Upstairs - Smooth dining and stylish interior - Chaweng South 077 413370,
  • Vecchio Napoli - Italian cuisine - 077 231 229
  • Samui Seafood - Spectacular surrounding and superb seafood. - 077 413 221
  • Chaweng Villa - Thai and Seafood, right on the beach

    For reviews and more information about eating out, please click here

How to Get around

A Songtaew Taxi

Songtaew, covered pick-up trucks which hoot their horn about every 10 metres are an excellent taxi service. Prices can vary depending on the mood of the driver, but it should be around 20 Baht/person within the Chaweng area. You can also use a motorbike taxi, easily recognized by the drivers' colored vests, for 10-20 Baht depending on the distance.

If you rent a car and are not familiar with Thai style driving, you will realize that driving and parking here can be difficult. While renting a motorbike is the easiest way to get around the island, it is also the most dangerous. Don't forget to carry your driver's licence and wear a helmet as the number of bike accidents is high. Also be aware that insurance is minimal - in some cases you are not insured at all when you hire a motorbike. Big bikes can also be found in Chaweng, though only experienced riders should consider renting them given the dangerous driving conditions. Prices vary depending on the model and your bargaining skills.

Where to stay in Chaweng Beach (Click here for all Chaweng Hotels)

Chaweng Beach
Amari Palm Reef Resort

At the secluded northern end of Chaweng, its most beautiful beach, sits the Amari Palm Reef Resort; a cluster of Thai-style buildings and bungalows hidden from the world by gently swaying palm trees.

Impiana Resort

The coconut fringed beaches, the clear warm waters and the green mountain backdrop have all helped to make Samui one of the most alluring tropical island get-away in the world. Tropical island holidays just don't come more delightful than this.

Samui Bayview Villa & Resort

Our location between the bustling resort beach of Chaweng and the popular, but quieter Lamai Beach offers ready access to the best of the island. At the end of a day at the beach our breathtaking mountainside location makes this resort the perfect, tranquil retreat.