Shopping in Phuket

Street markets, designer shops, huge malls and mom & pop stores – they're all here selling everything from antiques just a few weeks old to genuine gems to fake designer clothes to the real thing. It can get confusing at times but ultimately the quality inspector is you.

One of the prerequisites of coming to Thailand is to arrive with empty suitcases, or even buy your suitcases here. Expect to bargain, always keep a calm attitude and a smile on your face and you will come out a winner. Buying several items at the same time is another good way to lower the price.

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What to Buy

Generally speaking, there are two main favourite catagories on shoppers' lists: designer clothes/accessories and pirated movies, CD's and computer games. For the average mortal these are about as easy to come across in Phuket as a hamburger in MacDonald's.

However, if you are looking for good quality watches prices are lower than in the west. Fake 'antiques' are plentiful but just don't go paying real antique prices for them. To sum up: the sky is the limit when shopping in Phuket. (Read more...)

Where to Shop in Phuket

There are four main shopping malls in Phuket: Jungceylon in Patong and over the hill, Big C, Tesco Lotus and Central Festival just outside Phuket Town. Of these, Jungceylon and Central Festival have the widest choices.

Patong has a bazaar-like feel to it with its many street stalls. Many visitors find it overbearing but the tougher, more experienced shopper/haggler can find some worthwhile items at reasonable prices along Patong's streets. Even beachgoers in their sun loungers cannot escape the ambulant sarong, batik and bedcover-sellers so take some cash along with you if you are on the lookout for a beach bargain. (Read more...)


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