What to Do in Phi Phi

The island itself may not be all that big but the surrounding sea is one monster recreational space with its rich and varied diving opportunities. Tropical fish abound in these waters and even though professionals do not rate the scuba diving here as world class, to the layman Phi Phi's underwater world is nothing short of fascinating.

Phi Phi is part of Krabi Province and, like on the mainland, the rock climbing on the island is spectacular with the added bonus of gorgeous views from the top. By night the island is party central and bar hopping a highly amusing pastime.

Snorkeling in Phi Phi

When the tide is right, places like Monkey Bay are just about as accessible as physics allows. The coral is just below the surface and brightly coloured fish dart here and there, inches from your mask.

Hin Klang is an underwater reef that rises from the sea bed but doesn't break the surface about a kilomoeter off shore; rainbow-like colours can be seen as float on the surface. Phi Phi Leh has a few more snorkelling locations, as does Phi Phi Don, Bamboo Island, the list goes on. Doing Phi Phi without mask and fins is a sin. (Read more...)

Phi Phi Scuba Diving

Phi Phi has two remarkable assets that set it apart from other dive sites. The first are the amazing limestone cliffs rising dramatically out of the sea and plunging equally dramatically straight down underwater. The second is the remarkable variety of dive sites that are concentrated in such a small area.

Underwater, these towers create a rugged, interesting environment for scuba divers, and over time the elements have created caves, overhangs, and swim-throughs in this soft rock. Some caves penetrate the rock as much as 100 meters or more which make for exciting dives. It is recommended to dive under supervision in these locations. (Read more...)


Phi Phi Nightlife

Come nightfall on Phi Phi the 'buckets' come out, the music is cranked up and the crowds come out to party. For a small island Phi Phi has a remarkably pulsating nightlife. It's safe to say that the major players in the party scene, at least in Ton Sai Bay area, are Apache Bar, Carlito's and Hippies bar, all on the south side and all on the beach.

It doesn't really matter where you go at night in Phi Phi – there's a scene happening pretty much everywhere (apart from the east coast which is very quiet). The Loh Dalum side is mellower. The centre of the island's nightlife is dominated by the Reggae Pub, a multi-bar complex complete with a Thai boxing ring. (Read more...)

Kayaking in Phi Phi

Depending on how strong or fit you are you can cover quite a distance around Phi Phi in calm weather. Several tour companies arrange a 'lift' over to Phi Phi Leh and let you explore from there but for a strong sea kayaker the distance can be covered in under and hour.

Kayaking around Maya Bay is quite an experience and a lot more personal than taking a speedboat. On Phi Phi Don itself there are great nooks and crannies to discover at both of the main beaches on either side of the island. It's not advised to kayak outside of Ton Sai Bay or Loh Dalum Bay in poor weather.


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