Phi Phi Islands Activities

Snorkelling, Island Hopping, Kayaking


Phi Phi Island - Maya BayPhi Phi is still a relatively unspoiled small island where the pace of life is easy and each day melts into the next..... It's the sort of place where you can enjoy doing absolutely nothing for the entire day!

If you feel the need to move from the beach, here are a few suggestions....

  • Start your day with breakfast on the beach
  • Take a local tour around the islands, and go snorkelling.
  • If you're already certified, go diving and check out the sharks.
  • Take a canoe tour around the caves and coves..
  • Dine al fresco on the beach (under the stars of course!)
  • Check out the nightlife catch some jazz or reggae, or watch a film at one of the local bars.......

Phi Phi is a place for enjoying life outdoors. For kids, it's a place to paddle a canoe, be a pirate, or learn a new skill like diving. Above all it's a place to simply relax and enjoy.....


Coral gardens, unusual cave fish, exotic tropical fish, and even Leopard sharks. Great snorkeling in crystal clear water. You can hire equipment from local dive shops, but it's worth taking a tour to the many reefs which fringe the islands. Tours also go to offshore reefs (about 1.5 km) which contain more unusual marine life. Depths vary from 2-7 metres (6-20 feet)

Masks and snorkels are normally included in the price, although these may be of varied shapes and sizes! Some operators have quality equipment while others have a standard mask and fins in limited sizes, so shop around, otherwise your underwater views may be limited.

Notable sites to visit - Maya Bay - location for the Hollywood film "The Beach" with good reef and wall corals. Camel Rock - for strange cave fish, Hin Klang for more remote coral gardens, and Hin Phae for shark watching.

Local Tours - Island Hopping

Take a local longtail boat trip around the island. Each boat can take about 6-8 passengers and stops at all the snorkelling places and local beauty spots including the Viking Cave. You may need to take your own snorkel gear (you can also hire from local diveshops) although some companies provide a limited selection of equipment and local lunch.

Beach Hopping

Life is very laid back in Phi Phi, and despite the variety of activities available, there is very little pressure to to get out and do anything! Sleep in until the sun rises high in the sky. Then wander from your room to the beach (perhaps 20 metres) and lie in the sun until your particular beach gets boring. Time for a 15 minute trip to some protected inlet to find a new little beach or place to eat. It's tough!
Local long tail boats are happy to take you from beach to beach, including the famous one in the Leonardo DiCaprio film "The Beach"(See map)


Superb diving in and around the Phi Phi islands. Check the diving page for details.


A great way to see the best of Phi Phi's marine and bird life among the limestone cliffs coves and caves. A number of companies offer canoe tours around Phi Phi Don and the neighbouring islands, combining kayaking, snorkelling and even shark watching! Meet the sharks for breakfast! No this isn't "Jaws," but it's definitely "Up Close and Personal" with Black Tips and Leopard Sharks.

Depending on location and season, kayaking tours can be high energy and action packed with surging waves, caves, and blowholes, or more gentle relaxed paddling, depending on the season and the tour. Paddle during the day, visiting islands, snorkelling and swimming or take a sunset paddle and return by torchlight under the stars!

Game Fishing

The Andaman Sea is home to all the classic prize fighters of the fish world. Black Marlin, Giant Travelly, Sailfish, and Shark. Yellowfin, Dogtooth and Skipjack, Tuna are common, while Wahoo are plentiful during the monsoon season. (June - October.)
Boat charter is available, or join a trip with other individuals (depends on demand) or hire a local longtail boat. Don't expect to take your fish home Phuket operates a "catch and release" policy to maintain the stock of these remarkable fish.

Kid's Stuff

Not too many organised activities for kids and definitely no theme parks!. This is a place for staying outdoors and enjoying the simple life - sand, sea and nature. For most kids the opportunity to snorkel, learn to dive, go fishing, paddle a canoe, or play with sand makes a change from playstations!

Phi Phi Island - Viking CaveRock Climbing

Surprisingly, not really developed on the island - despite the great potential. Although some routes are bolted, you'll need to consult other climbers first and bring your own equipment!

Krabi is more organised with climbing shops and gear for rent, although more crowded on the rock face.

If you want to see local climbers in action, visit the Viking Cave. For 100 Baht, with no ropes or special equipment, just bamboo scaffolding (and a prayer to the local cave gods) the locals collect the Swifts' nests which form the basic ingredients for the gourmet Chinese Bird's Nest soup. (Sorry no nest, demonstrations only!!)


Most of the locals use longtail boats to get around, but there are a few paths. Walk up to the lookout point in Tonsai for a stunning panoramic view over the twin bays of Phi Phi, the jungle below and beyond. It's worth the modest 40 minute climb and the 200 metre steeper section is paved and quite easy. Refreshments are available at the top during all of high season, but take water for the climb.
To get there, walk along Loh Dalum Bay past Phi Phi Princess and Pavilion beach resorts. Follow the signs up the hill past Viewpoint Resort to the vantage point.