Pattaya Shopping

Pattaya may not have the big malls, department stores or markets of Bangkok, but don’t think for a moment you’re going to be deprived of shopping experiences. Pattaya’s medium-sized  malls make it much easier to find what you’ re looking for.

For example, there’s Mike’s, Central Festival Centre, Big C, and Royal Garden Plaza — all of which have access from Beach Road and Pattaya Second Road. Street stalls are plentiful in all popular areas, and the best places to look for handicrafts, souvenirs, CD’s, Thai fabrics and the likes. Walking Street, tucked in between bars and restaurants, is a good place to look for tailors, jewelry shops and small art galleries.

What to Buy

When it comes to shopping on the street, Pattaya is like all major destinations around Thailand with vendors selling cheap pirated CDs, mp3s, DVDs (porn DVDs included), video games and other counterfeit merchandise at rock-bottom prices. Note that quality is never guaranteed and purchases don’t come with a money-back warrantee. The same goes for pirated brand-name products like watches, bags, wallets, sunglasses, accessories, apparel and the like. The best part about street shopping is that prices are always negotiable. Other than that, hand- made goods, shoes, T-shirts and all manner of bargain clothing is easy to find. (Read more...)

Where to Buy

Pattaya Beach Road and Second Road is the main shopping hub, where all the malls, boutique-style stores and other shops are located. It’ s also the best spot to look for pirated products, clothes, and accessories. Vendors are open all day until late at night. The Watchaimongkol local market (South Pattaya) is a good place to buy fresh seafood, and food ingredients. At Jomtien beach shopping is somewhat limited to tailors, jewelry shops, dive shops, a couple of bookstores and convenience stores, but street and beach vendors are omni-present. On the way back to Bangkok, stop at Nong Mon Market where a variety of fresh and dried is sold, along with all kinds home industry products. (Read more...)


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