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Thailand's second biggest island has been blessed with an enviable landscape, offering a myriad of things to the diverse crowd that flocks this tropical paradise. An abundance of unspoiled nature fringes the soft white sandy shores and azure waters of the Gulf of Thailand.

For the untamed traveller Koh Chang offers a bevy of adventure, with everything from diving and elephant treks to island hopping readily available. Cascading waterfalls, a rich bio-marine life and lust tropical vegetation are what make this island such an adventurer's playground.

Koh Chang Island Hopping

Excursions to Koh Chang's surrounding islands are a guaranteed fun-filled day, packed with photo opportunities and remarkable experiences. Early morning departures ensure a day filled with adventure on one of the secluded and relatively uninhibited islands.

Reaching the islands can be done via boat or possibly canoe or kayak, for the more energetic. Once there, acres of unspoiled lush tropical greenery, an abundance of exotic marine life, topped off by a lack of tourists clogging up the beach, will surely not disappoint. (Read more...)

Koh Chang Diving & Snorkelling

The spot between Koh Chang and Koh Kood is a good place to discover Thailand's extensive marine life. A favorite with diving enthusiasts, the Gulf of Thailand is home to a profusion of colourful and curious sea life, easily reached by one of the many diving tour agencies on Koh Chang.

Alternatively, snorkeling can be great fun and isn't short of a sight or two. Check out Koh Kham, Koh Rayang, Koh Wai and Koh Laoya for some well-positioned and alive snorkeling spots.


Trekking in Koh Chang

With an interior consisting of virginal rainforest, tropical wildlife and natural water reserves, trekking in Koh Chang is like making your way through an Indiana Jones set. Whether on elephant, foot or bike, all three options offer a different perspective and experience.

Usually consisting of two planned routes, one through a rubber plantation and into a pomelo orchard, while the other longer route takes trekkers down into a valley and up to the north. This is the perfect way to get better acquainted with Koh Chang and witness the untouched beauty of the island first-hand.

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