What to Do in Hua Hin

Hua Hin has come into its own over recent years, and with ongoing developments it looks set to continue to increase in popularity and stature. This more reserved holiday spot offers an abundance of recreational and relaxation experiences close to nature.

Renowned within the country for its many top-notch golf courses and spa venues, sport and leisure are of the essence in this coastal town. The many markets sell various goods from souvenirs and fashion accessories to DVDs and CDs, conveniently open day and night.

Golf in Hua Hin

Regarded by many as Thailand's premier golf destination, there are seven world-class courses all within 30 minutes' reach from central Hua Hin.

These are regularly frequented by golf enthusiasts from all over the world, and include the Royal Hua Hin, Palm Hills, Bangkok Golf and Milford Resort and the famous 18-hole Springfield Royal Country Club designed by golf pro Jack Nicklaus. The course features breathtaking views of the Gulf of Thailand and the surrounding terrain. While it is not mandatory to employ a caddy it is advisable, and after lugging your clubs around in the blazing heat, a tip of a few hundred baht will be well received with a charming smile. (Read more...)

Hua Hin Rent a Car

Renting a car can be done with little hassle here and is advisable if you plan to be moving around the surrounding area. Tourists should expect little in the way of cab culture in Hua Hin.

Areas of interest to tourists can be found at Pala U, 60 km west of Hua Hin where an eleven-tier waterfall sits amongst stunning scenery and the mountain ridge that forms the border with Burma. Just three kilometers west of the town centre is Hin Lek Fai, which is best visited early evening as the sun goes down to witness the sunset over Hua Hin. (Read more...)


Hua Hin Markets

For some nocturnal shopping trips the famous Night Bazaar is a great opportunity to get some shopping done without the looming threat of the blazing sun, with everything from delicious Thai dishes to the essential counterfeit classics being readily available. Situated in the centre of town amidst an array of restaurants and bars, it has lots to offer, and if two assaults are needed you can always resume shopping after a chilled beer.

The day markets are slightly cheaper but will induce a sweat – and not necessarily because of the multitude of choice. Chat Chai Market is sufficiently covered, and is where Hua Hin locals shop for fresh produce.  There are several other local markets selling toys, clothes, books and fresh produce. (Read more...)

Spas in Hua Hin

A visit to a spa in Hua Hin will undoubtedly leave you with a definite glow. The town features an abundance of five-star spa resorts all eager to pass their ancient healing practices on tired shoulders and exhausted minds.

Tradition Thai and foot massages can be enjoyed on the beach or in one of the many massage shops around town. Those who fail to encounter the sensory delights on offer in Thailand are missing out on one of the most affordable luxuries the country is so renowned for. (Read more...)


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